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Get up to 10% off the Voyager 4200 Series headsets
Valid until December 31, 2019

The Voyager 4200 lets you step up your call quality and media audio experiences with a crystal-clear microphone, Dynamic Mute alert and music control. You can even tap-and-ask Alexa* to check email, schedule meetings, play music, hear the news, or launch your favorite playlist.

* Plantronics Hub for Mobile and Amazon Alexa app required

Voyager 4210

VOYAGER 4210 UC, B4210 USB-A,
WW: P/N 211317-01

VOYAGER 4210 UC, B4210 USB-C,
WW: P/N 211317-02

Voyager 4220

VOYAGER 4220 UC, B4220 USB-A,
WW: P/N 211996-01

VOYAGER 4220 UC, B4220 USB-C,
WW: P/N 211996-02